Game Comparision: Slots vs Roulette

If you enjoy online gambling but don't want to spend time learning skills and strategies then online slots or roulette games could be for you. These are both games of chance and don't require that you spend time learning different skills or strategies and the chance of winning on either is quite high too. Roulette and slot machines have always been a popular choice at gambling establishments and they also have reasonably low odds too. Roulette does tend to have an edge over slots in probability of winning but when it comes to entertainment value slots really do tend to shine.

Ease of Game Play

To help determine which of these games to play we must first analyze the gameplay of each. There are a number of different slots that you can choose from and they have either three or five reels. There are varying amount of paylines too so you can choose how much to bet on each line and if you opt to try and hit the progressive jackpot you will need to wager the maximum amount in order to activate it. To play all you have to do is choose your wager amount, the number of paylines and then hit the spin button. If you match the right symbols you win. It's really that easy. The addition of special features adds to the excitement and these can include wild, scatter and multipliers. Video themed titles can also include bonus rounds where free spins and additional multipliers are given to increase your bankroll even further. These entertaining games are constantly being developed with better graphics, 3D animations and even titles based on movies and containing actual footage from the films.

Roulette in Focus

Roulette is just as easy to play and all you have to do is place your bet on any of the 37 or 38 numbers on the board. You can bet on odds or evens, black or red, a particular number or you can place an inside or outside. Once you have decided on your bet, the ball is tossed and it is all down to lady luck. With this table game, there are only 37 or 38 possible results so your odds of winning a higher than that of slot machines but the entertainment value isn't the same. There are different variations to the game and you can choose from American, European or French roulette. There a ton of different variations, but they are all based on the rules of these three versions. Here is a fairly healthy list of free online roulette games to see all the different titles available to play. For a more real live feeling you can opt to play with a live dealer which also allows for more interaction. This has become extremely popular over the last couple of years and not only can you interact with the professional dealer, you get to watch them roll the ball and experience a real live game in action.

As you can see, both of these casino games are very easy to play and don't require a lot of skill on your part. You literally win or lose depending on the pattern on the screen. Both games are fast paced and slots are perhaps the easiest to enjoy. Roulette has a fixed payout table but with the new generation of slots the amount you win can vary and with the addition of progressives and random jackpots, one lucky spin could change your life forever. To sum up, slots really do have more of an advantage; they are more entertaining and the chances of winning big are better too. The choice however is yours and whichever game you decide to play you can be sure you will find plenty of choice at the top online casinos.