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A vast portion of the development of the gambling industry that's reveled on by countless customers worldwide is definitely something we owe to the esteemed and phenomenal provider, the International Game Technology or IGT. This name has definitely reverberated all across the globe with its upscale and unbelievable contributions to both gaming and waging industry. With their creative ideas and developments, they were able to serve satisfaction and innovation to the world and the customers, bringing groundbreaking changes that will always be apparent throughout the history.

The IGT is one of the leading names in providing systems and machines all over the globe. This includes hardware machines and even virtual ones which comes in the form of the games we know in many web-based waging establishments today. In US, it is deemed as the most recognized and raved provider that gives out 7 out of 10 games that can be found on different countries. They have a vast array of workers that spans across the globe and is still expanding to different continents such as Asia, Europe, Australia and more. With the aim of bringing satisfaction to all customers throughout the world, this provider is undeniably one of the must-try and see for waging and gaming advocates out there.

IGT is also responsible for bringing the hottest and sleekest, first-ever spinning wheel for slots machine that has revolutionized the game to what we have today. This development on 1983 was followed by the creation of other types of Slots - from multi-line bets, five-reel games and a variety of stupendous themes that creates different gaming experiences for wagers. This was also responsible for the rise of Progressive and network slots that produced millionaires and even billionaires worldwide.

All of the games in IGT are definitely worth checking out, but they have a handful that unquestionably stands at the top for various reasons. This includes titles like 'Cleopatra', 'The Price is Right', 'The Wheel Of Fortune', along with new additions like 'Star Wars', Pharaoh's Gold, and more.