Different Slot Machine Cheating For Brick-and-mortar Casinos

Slot Machine Cheating

Back in the days where Slots machines in brick and mortar casinos were flimsier and more lax than what they are now, slot machine cheating was a scenario that was already all too familiar to both the establishments and even players. It's definitely not something unexpected and the fact that there are a lot of reasons to want to cheat in this game, already makes it evident why certain players have formulated different ways to do it. Still, as innovation took its course, more and more machines out there have become resistant to such vile ways, making some of the most famous cheats to become useless. Even with that, knowing the different ways of cheating in this game may still benefit you in some ways than you may ever know.

The first type of slot machine cheating is through a method which they call 'Slug'. Though it is now outdated, it was able to help countless wagers out there earn millions just by a single fake coin. This fake coin works its way to the system and allows the customer to receive rewards even without playing.

If you're a programmer, then you'd definitely be thrilled to know that there has actually been a slot machine cheating where the actual programmer of a game was involved. What the man did was to rig and embed a glitch on the game. With that knowledge, he was able to reap rewards in a unique way through the glitch he has made.

A trick called 'Light wand' also became prevalent back in the days. Just as the name implies, it involves a lighting device and what it aims to this is blind the sensor that prevents the machine to make payouts when unnecessary. By blinding it, players were able to reap money from machines without actually playing. However, this was countered by the management by setting up a history of cash-outs done by machines. Evidently, cheating is something that will end up failed no matter what type you go, so its better to play fairly all the time.