Understanding 3D Slots Games in Online Casinos

3D slots games in online casinos are increasing in popularity as more and more software developers scramble to capitalize on newer technologies. These combine the fun and excitement of their traditional counterparts with impressive graphics, sound effects and voiceovers that are unlike anything else in the industry.

The First Games

When it comes to learning about 3D slots games, the first thing to understand is how they were developed. Betsoft, a lesser-known company than giants like Microgaming or Playtech, was the first to develop and release the technology to vendors. These offerings had moving parts, animations and lifelike symbols.

Making them Better

These 3D slots games in online casinos were so well received that Betsoft began to make even more improvements above and beyond the visual. Voice actors were employed to bring an even more lifelike experience to the various themes that were offered and entire sequences of animated clips were added in order to further engage the player.

Excellent Opportunities

As if the graphics improvements were not enough, players quickly discovered that these titles offered significant payouts and odds, making them a good choice for everyone. It became evident that although some companies could have capitalized on decreased pay scales in exchange for better graphics, this company kept the end user in mind.

Avoiding Autopilot

Another important aspect these titles is that they completely engage the player and keep them interested for hours upon end with exciting storylines. Unlike traditional video slots and certain table games that do very little to keep the gambler interested, these always provide something new and never go out of style. Even after hours and hours, there is always something new to be seen.

True 3D

Although Betsoft changed the industry with its introduction of incredible graphics, none of these offerings provided true-to-life graphics that appeared to leap from the screen. This was done by another company, Microgaming, in its Sterling Silver 3D title. Here, users must use glasses in order to enjoy the experience as it is meant to be seen.

Finding the Titles

There are a few places to find Betsoft's 3D slots games in online casinos but the two best options are by far Bovada and BetOnline. Bovada offers up a 100% match bonus of up to $3000 to new players while BetOnline offers the same 100% match of up to $5000 for those who want to play the pokies. Of course, both venues do well to keep existing players happy with ongoing weekly and monthly promotions as well as VIP programs that simply cannot be beat.


In conclusion, these games are excellent choices for anyone who wants to enjoy a pastime that requires very little skill. Unlike their counterparts, these titles are anything but mindless and they present an opportunity to enjoy real excitement as well as the chance to win some very lucrative jackpots along the way.