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Canadian gamblers play online games in hopes of winning big, and there is no other jackpot quite like progressive jackpots that are offered by certain slot machines. Before sitting down to play at a progressive jackpot slot, players should take the time to first understand the differences, how a progressive jackpot works, and what they must do in order to get their chance to win a potentially life-changing sum of money.

First and foremost, progressive jackpots aren't part of every single slot. There are only some slots that offer these, and players should take the time to seek them out in their favorite online or land-based venues. A progressive jackpot is one in which an entire network - or all of the slot machines that are tied to a particular developer - contributes to the pot when people make wagers on a machine that has a shot at winning the jackpot. It continues to grow until someone wins, then resets to a minimum amount.

Understanding jackpot slots is easier once players have found one that appeals to them. The next step in the process involves taking a look at the Pay Table to find out the requirements for triggering the jackpot. There are some slots that have jackpots that are triggered randomly, but others may require players to bet the maximum amount allowable per spin in order to qualify. This is the case more often than not, so players should pay close attention to be absolutely sure.

Once seated, and once players understand what they must do to win, they can usually view the current amount of the jackpot somewhere on the playing screen. Sometimes these jackpots may be as low as $1000, but there are some, such as those provided by Microgaming, offering prizes ranging into the millions. Players are likely to note that the jackpot amount changes often since players are always contributing via a worldwide network with each spin of the reel.

In the event that the jackpot is hit by someone in the network, all of the players are likely to be notified and the jackpot will reset. In most cases, it will never fall back to zero but will default to a minimum amount that is dictated by the software provider or the casino. This means that, in the event a player should hit the jackpot just hours after a massive win, he or she will not be stuck with just a few hundred dollars in his or her wallet.

Progressive jackpots can definitely change lives, but this is only true if players know what they are, what they must do to find them, and how they are triggered. Players should also note that wins are few and far between here as the odds are working against them but, much like a lottery, someone is going to win eventually. This is a jackpot that takes a little bit of skill to understand but a whole lot of luck to win.